With unique and psychedelic sounds, the young Brazilian artist Saigga, brings a strong energy to his music. In a little over 4 years in the scene, he achieved major releases with labels such as Savage Society, Buygore, Bassweight among others. Having iconic collabs like "Pots N' Pans" with Drippy, "Bird Brainzz" with Drippy and JG Dubz as well as collabs with huge producers like Chibs, Zetta, Al Ross, BloodThinnerz, Flix and many other legends, proving their respect in the Riddim Dubstep Community. Saigga received support from great artists such as Marauda, Svdden Death, Infekt, Subtronics, Oolacile, Shiverz among many others.




Management / Booking:
Jules Engel: